Community Outreach

Getting the community involved in science is not only valuable, but it is fun and rewarding. Many parents can find it challenging to instill a since of excitement about science, or learning, in their children. However, when community organizations have days where families can come and experience a wide range of activities children can be very inspired and parents can see how to foster their children’s excitement.

The Governor’s School hosted an annual community day called “Young Scholars Day” where we set up over 50 different activities that ranged from quick 1-5 minute activities, to longer 15-30 minute activities, and guided demonstrations where students were the actual scientists conducting the experiment. The activities covered all disciplines including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering.

I worked to organize this event, and focused on physics and engineering activities. This included purchasing supplies, creating directions, teaching volunteers how to run the activities. Over the time it has run the school has been able to give many community members exposure to a wide range of fun learning activities.

Please take a moment to watch a short video i produced, recorded, and edited talking about what this community day offers.